What I’m Hearing

I’ve knocked on thousands of doors throughout this campaign, talking to voters from across the district. Here’s what I’m hearing:

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Mental Illness is a Disease, Not a Weakness

When my wife was first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we learned firsthand the devastating impact that stigmas associated with mental illness can delay seeking treatment. Alzheimer’s is a disease having very little to do with the person’s desire to NOT get it – at least as we know it today, and we all keep hoping there are things we can conclusively do to prevent it. For now, though, Alzheimer’s is a disease, not a weakness.

Unfortunately, one presidential candidate has stepped into the mental illness stigma trap, this time related to the impact of post-traumatic stress (PTS). As with Alzheimer’s, no one succumbs to the effects of PTS through their action or inaction. The brain is an organ, a body part, and it can develop challenges just like any other body part. Traumatic stress causes a reaction in the brain that we don’t yet fully understand and that reaction is not an individual weakness.

I know I could make a similar comparison for drug addiction. These problems need real investment in solutions, not government leaders who look down on those who are struggling. Isn’t it time we stop thinking people are weak, inattentive, or uncaring when they are affected by an overwhelming external or environmental force? Isn’t it time we elevated leaders who understand that mental illness or dementia are symptoms of being human, symptoms of living, and who treat these challenges with care and respect? Shouldn’t we elect leaders who don’t rush first to labels, but instead stand back and look for ways to help?

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One of the great lessons I’ve learned from my decades of business experience is that the best leaders listen more than they talk. I want to bring that attitude to Harrisburg.

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Community Service

From a young age, my family instilled in me the importance of giving back to the communities we live and work in. I’ve dedicated my life to a variety of causes, ranging from local sports leagues and school board to economic development groups and Alzheimer’s advocacy.

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School Funding

Our local school districts haven’t been getting the support from Harrisburg that they need. As a State Representative, I’ll focus on ensuring that our school districts have the resources they need to do right by our kids.


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Pathways to Success

Jim served as a school director from 2009 to 2014. While serving, he also served on the board of EASTERN Center for Arts and Technology. This experience is the foundation of Jim’s commitment to providing multiple pathways to success for our students.

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Why We Need Caregivers as Legislators

For the past three years, I’ve been a caregiver for my wife, Suzan, who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s disease. Tens of millions of Americans are caregivers to a friend or family member with a chronic disease, and I believe that we need representatives in Harrisburg who have direct experience as caregivers and the challenges they face each day.

Please follow and share our site, and keep up with our campaign, as we race towards election day in November!

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