School Funding

Our local school districts haven’t been getting the support from Harrisburg that they need. As a State Representative, I’ll focus on ensuring that our school districts have the resources they need to do right by our kids.


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Pathways to Success

Jim served as a school director from 2009 to 2014. While serving, he also served on the board of EASTERN Center for Arts and Technology. This experience is the foundation of Jim’s commitment to providing multiple pathways to success for our students.

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Why We Need Caregivers as Legislators

For the past three years, I’ve been a caregiver for my wife, Suzan, who was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s disease. Tens of millions of Americans are caregivers to a friend or family member with a chronic disease, and I believe that we need representatives in Harrisburg who have direct experience as caregivers and the challenges they face each day.

Please follow and share our site, and keep up with our campaign, as we race towards election day in November!

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Meet Jim

We’re excited to announce our new video series! Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting a number of videos about Jim, and his ideas to move the 162nd forward. Our first video is below — a brief introduction to Jim, and why he’d make a great State Representative.
If you enjoyed the introduction, share the video and help us get our message out!

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2000 Doors…And Counting!

Mickey & JimMy favorite part of running for office is knocking on doors. Last week, in Secane, I knocked on my 2,000th door of the campaign, and it happened to be the home of a delightful woman named Mickey.

Pictured here are Mickey and I, after a chat about what strong leadership from our elected officials looks like, and the issues she cares about most — especially being a voice for caregivers. Mickey’s a Republican, but she told me that I won her vote by taking the time to come to her door and engage in an honest conversation about today’s challenges.

People like Mickey are the reason I love knocking doors, and why I’ll continue to reach out to all corners of my district before November.

Thanks for your support, Mickey, and here’s to another 2,000 doors!

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Get your Property Tax bill lately? 

I’ll bet you did.  I know that the 1st weeks of July are tough for all of us.  I’m with you!

I served on a school board and our property tax bills, going out all over Pennsylvania, are a direct reminder that Pennsylvanians pay too much in tax on their property.

While I support the solid, stable base from a portion of our taxes being tied to property, and I support relief for seniors and families under stress; Pennsylvania is not holding up its end of the deal with responsible, sustainable contributions to school funding.

This month, you’ll hear legislators on both sides of the aisle lauding their effort to increase funding for education.  Baloney.  Pennsylvania is still way down near the bottom of the list of states in paying the state’s share of education funding.

The increase in funding this year is flatly not enough to bring Pennsylvania back in line with our obligations to our students and their future; insufficient to return teachers to classrooms, programs and improvements to schools; and insufficient for the needs of a growing economy.

I support a competitive energy severance tax structure, and taxes on “wealthy income” (dividends, business profits, capital gains and a few other categories) as well as a progressive personal income tax system that tax wealthier residents higher than struggling middle- and low-income families as outlined by the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center.

We can and must do better.  You deserve better, and I want to go to Harrisburg to fight back at all those who are robbing our kids of the education they deserve.

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“Honored” to Serve Women, Children, and Equality

Great News!  The Southeastern Pennsylvania Political Action Committee of the National Organization for Women (SEPA NOWPAC) in conjunction with the newly formed Delaware County NOW announced Pennsylvania NOW’s endorsement for my campaign to represent Pennsylvania’s 162nd Legislative District.

A bit of background, because I want more folks to know about this great organization…

SEPA NOWPAC promotes a stronger grassroots presence for progressive, feminist issues by endorsing political candidates in support of our issues at the local regional level in Southeastern PA. These issues include full equality for all women, including reproductive rights, economic equality for women, civil rights for all, constitutional equality for women, affirmative action, and the elimination of violence against women. NOW supports the Equal Rights Amendment, Affirmative Action, abortion without restrictions as stated in the original 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, Medicaid coverage for abortions, full access to contraception, legislation that reduces violence against women, affordable childcare for all, adequate education and training for women on welfare, and public funding of family planning.

Voter rich southeastern PA is fast becoming the hub of progressive politics in the state. It is fertile ground for feminist organizing. SEPA NOW PAC was formed to recruit and support candidates committed to feminist issues and thus contribute to the growth of progressive, feminist politics in Southeastern PA.

In making this announcement, SEPA NOW PAC Chair Helene Ratner said, “We are very aware that the people we elect in Southeastern PA don’t just affect their districts but the Delaware Valley region as a whole.  It is our honor to announce our support for Mr. Butt for his strong stance on our issues.”

Friends, I have a deep sense of the impact of oppressive legislation on women across our region and the nation, including most recently, the anti-abortion proposal to unnecessarily limit women’s rights. Attacks on healthcare, public education, fair pay, labor organizing, marriage rights, even voting rights are often direct attacks at women, and I will be a voice for fairness and equity as I apply my experience in community development, education, and caregiving to the job of representing our community. Incidents of harassment and human trafficking touch me deeply, as well. I am extremely honored by this endorsement and will look forward to working with NOW on a range of issues affecting women and children.

As Helene says, “Whenever it is possible, NOW and our local PAC will be as supportive of Pro-Choice candidates as possible”.

And for everyone across the area, SEPA NOW PAC includes the Philadelphia, Delaware, Montgomery and Bucks County NOW chapters.

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